The Cumbrian Halloween round-up!

Whilst I cook up some new spooky posts for Samhain, I thought you might like to revisit the oldie-but-goody spooky posts previously explored by Esmeralda!

How about Armboth: Cumbria’s Most Haunted : the story of a drowned bride, poltergeist-type activity and spectral lights at the house under Thirlmere.

or Mind Yer Head? : Cumbria has a number of houses with skulls that refuse to be thrown away.

Jack-o'-Lantern_2003-10-31 copyright Toby Ord

Jack-o’-Lantern_2003-10-31 copyright Toby Ord

Scary, Scarier and Scariest: Halloween Lanterns to Celtic Head Hunters : are Halloween lanterns the last vestige of a celtic head hunting tradition?

The Claife Crier : Probably Cumbria’s most famous spook. Is this a medieval monk luring boaters to their death… or not? 😉

The Hanged Man at Beacon Hill : Wordsworth wrote about the spooky atmosphere at Beacon Hill above Penrith. Is it haunted by the hanged man?

Hanging_of_William Kidd from the Pirates Own Book (1837)

Hanging_of_William Kidd from the Pirates Own Book (1837)

The wind, the demons, and the ghost : East Cumbria has a famous, screeching, furious wind that blows down from ‘Fiends’ Fell’. Or is it the Fiends? Or the ghost of the witch, Peg Sleddle?

The Ghostly Procession at Souther Fell : one of northern Cumbria’s most famous ghostly events, and a well-recorded one at that. What’s your theory?

Asgardsreien by Peter Nicolai Arbo, painted 1873

Asgardsreien by Peter Nicolai Arbo, painted 1873

Corpse roads, faerie, and ghostly goings-on : Corpse roads were simply the route of funeral procession in times gone by, but they accumulate ghost stories.

The Croglin Vampire : A frankly barmy tale, but great fun!

The Stainmore Hand of Glory : The hand of glory was the preserved hand of a hanged man, used for nefarious purposes. Here is one such tale.

The Cappel: Cumbria’s Spooky Black Dog : There are stories of spectral black dogs with eyes like glowing coal across the UK. This is ours.

Cumbria’s Oldest Cat : the six-hundred-and-something-year-old cat at Keswick Museum. Intended to keep away witches and wicked spells.

Dessicated cat

Dessicated cat

I’m sure there’s a few more spooky posts on here if you have a rustle around! Have a read and let me know what you think. I love to hear your views.

© Diane McIlmoyle 23.10.12

4 thoughts on “The Cumbrian Halloween round-up!

  1. Beautiful stories Esmerelda,and being,without a doubt old, helps keep alive the oral traditions of our past.Mom found such stories a great way to keep 3 little ones attention away from boredom and mischief at night.I beleive that here in Southcentral Kentucky,most of our ghost stories are based on and centered around the famous Bell Witch of Tenneesee.But of course there was more.I plan to post about Halloween and will mention your post and blog(if you want).I’ll wait for your reply to this post before I do so.Great stuff as always,Garry in Kentucky.

    • Good morning Garry! I do love all these stories, as is obvious, I think! The Bell Witch sounds intriguing. I do hope you will post about her as I am quite interested in our witchy stories over here, too.

      Feel free to mention Esmeralda, if we are of any help to you.

      Thanks for coming over 🙂

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