The Sad Case of Sarah FOX, the Husband, and Some Arsenic, 1826

Arsenic bottleFrom The Cumberland Pacquet, September 26th, 1826


‘On Friday and Saturday last an inquest was held at Bankhouse, in Gosforth, before William BRAGG, Esq. Coroner, on view of the body of Sarah FOX, who died on the preceding Tuesday, under circumstances which fully called for this investigation.
Mary PHARAOH, sworn, said – I am mother of the deceased, who, with her husband, lived at our house. On Saturday last deponent and her husband went from home about five o’clock in the afternoon, to attend a christening at a neighbour’s house, and left the deceased quite well and in good spirits, considering her
situation, being pregnant and near her confinement. About half-past seven the same evening, Robert FOX, husband of the deceased, came to the Continue reading