Happy Midsummer!

Castlerigg stone circle

Castlerigg stone circle

Okay, I know it looks like I’m a day early, but the midsummer solstice takes place in the UK at 05.04am tomorrow (21st). Castlerigg is, of course, the most famous of Cumbria’s stone circles and sometimes – often – it’s obvious why.

I took this photo of Long Meg this morning, while Cumbria still had some sunshine. Note how obvious the Neolithic spiral carvings were. Sometimes they’re hard to see.

Long Meg looks to the right...

Long Meg looks to the right…

I’ve long loved the signpost to Long Meg. It’s completely and utterly incorrect, of course, as the stone circle pre-dates the druids by thousands of years.

It’s not always obvious why Long Meg stone circle is where it is. You have to look at the vista from the signpost into the Eden Valley below. Then you get it.

Eden Valley from the Long Meg signpost

Eden Valley from the Long Meg signpost

I expect it’ll be busy at Long Meg tomorrow. Beware, though – there are THREE parking spaces! I do hope the clooties on this several-hundred-year-old ash tree are a bit more respectful of its venerableness this year. I will be checking!

Ash tree at Long Meg stone circle

Ash tree at Long Meg stone circle

Here’s another post I wrote a while ago about Midsummer traditions.

Is this a good day to think about ancient Cumbrian gods and goddesses? Let’s look at Cocidius, Eveling, Loki, Lugos, and my favourite genius cucullatus.

Have a lovely day!

Diane McIlmoyle 20.06.13

4 thoughts on “Happy Midsummer!

    • Yes, the sun shone until about 11am. One other lady and myself had it to ourselves 🙂

      There were many cowpat hazards, though. I hope tomorrow’s visitors won’t be wearing their new shoes!

      Thanks for coming over.

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