Assuming we don’t get six foot of snow between here and BBC Radio Cumbria’s studios in Carlisle at the end of the week, I will be appearing on Belinda Artingstoll’s Sunday morning programme again. I have no idea what I’m going to say, so if you’ve got any thoughts, now’s the time to let me know… *nervous smile*

6 thoughts on “*blimey*

  1. Thinking for a moment in terms of the 9th/10th century: might we launch a campaign to discover more of the Kingdom of Strathclyde, including perhaps a list of priority sites to be excavated in the Upper Clyde valley (to declare an interest – where I live!)

  2. Elizabeth, I’m very interested in Strathclyde, too – albeit the Cumbrian end! I’d love to take all the current fashion for Merlin (BBC) and Camelot (who knows?) and use it to highlight *real* dark-age heroes.

  3. Just pre-recorded at Radio Cumbria’s studios in Carlisle. I’m afraid I wittered a bit, but it’ll be on Belinda Artingstoll’s programme tomorrow morning at 11.40am, and then on BBC Radio Cumbria’s i-player for a week.

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